Natures Kisses Aromatherapy


WELCOME!   What makes our quality handmade soaps and bath and body products special and beneficial to you? Our bath and body products--

~ Are loaded with the best skin-nourishing and conditioning ingredients from around the world and organic when available.

~ Do not contain preservatives since they are oil and butter based, which reduces the toxic burden on your body. 

~ Do not contain harsh detergents, surfactants or dyes.

~ Are made in small batches to ensure freshness.

~ Will leave your skin feeling caressed, coddled, conditioned, renewed and refreshed.

 ~ Are offered in a variety of scents to promote a fun and pleasing experience that stimulates, delights and tickles your senses.  

 Indulge yourself and notice the difference in how wonderfully clean, silky smooth, healthy and nourished your skin feels.

I have a confession to make. I strayed from my Natures Kisses and tried another shower steamer. I regret it terribly. It was twice the price and lasted half as long. The scent dissipated quickly as well. I have learned my lesson and will never buy steamers from anyone other than Cindy again. 

Faith S.

The Nourishing face mask left my skin soft & feeling refreshed. Easy to mix, apply & remove during a nice relaxing evening at home. Pamper yourself & TRY ONE! 

Susan G.

I am thrilled with my order! Everything is as wonderful as ever, and I am completely happy with my purchases!Thank you so much 😊. The chocolate kisses were a very sweet touch!

Paula W.

The body butter is a wonderful product! Love 💕 love!

The package came with other products such a beautiful way to package it! Made my day!

Pam E.

About Me

Cindy Montgomery

Store owner/Artisan

Hello! My passion to create quality handmade soaps and natural skin care products came from a personal desire to reduce my toxic overload that exists in every aspect of our environment and effects us every day. Commercial soaps are nothing more than harsh detergent bars and most skin care products contain harmful chemicals and preservatives that contribute to our toxin exposure.

My products are as natural as possible using oils, butters, botanicals, herbs, clays, essential oils, milks, even fruits and vegetables, that offer amazingly effective skin care without artificial dyes, colorants or surfactants. And because my products are only oil and butter based, as opposed to water based, they do not require a preservative.  Aromatherapy is an added benefit to help you relax and improve your sense of wellbeing.

I am excited to share my labor of love with you to help you lessen the toxic chemical load on your body and keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated, clean, radiant, vibrant, healthy and glowing---the natural way.